Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cousinly Love

On Thursday I got to spend some time with Griffin and Peter (Nephew #1 Extraordinaire) while baby daddy's went skiing. Nice work if you can get it!! Here's a little summary of our day in pictures:

There was a nap (albeit a SHORT one...this kid naps for EXACTLY half an hour at a time - you could set your watch by him!)
Followed by a little cousin lovin'...this picture will totally show up at both of your weddings, boys!

Then there was some hanging out at the coffee table, trying to have a poop time:Maybe a few tears from someone wondering where the heck his mom and dad went...After the recovery from the tears and the return of Daddy, a little more time spent being oh so cute:

Followed by a little more lovin...this time it was the self lovin kind.

And then, oh and then...just a few moments left in the day to strike a few poses in the tub. "Say, does this water make me look fat??"

A grand old day, and one that makes me very glad, once again, that we have decided to space our kids about 3 years apart!


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Ahh, the joys of cousin lovin'. They would fit right in if they were in West Virginia ;-)

Those blue eyes? Slay me.

Kater said...