Friday, January 25, 2008

Life On the Roof at the Snot Factory

Yesterday I was considering changing the title of this blog. It's been less roof-y here, and more of a mass-production snot factory. Griffin is down. I'm down. Even Dudley is cranky. Steve, luckily has been spared. Thank GAWD, because he's been cooking for us.

Since the snot factor is so high, you can likely guess how the sleep factor lies. LOW. Very low. Griffin has been having crappy nights, the other night I put him down at 7:30, he slept for 45 minutes and then was up again. He then went down for just over 1/2 an hour, sleeping sitting up in his stroller, and then another hour sitting up in the rocking chair with me. He's just too stuffed up to breathe lying down. Poor little bugger! And I'm thinking now that investing in Kleenex stocks would have been a smart move, I think we've nearly trippled our consumption in the past 3 days, which is impressive in itself considering we go through mountains of kleenex on regular old snot free days. (It's Steve. He sneezes alot.) Last night I hopped myself up on Neocitron and a little extra Tylenol to boot, and my sleep factor was actually quite HIGH !! So high infact, that when Steve emerged from the basement at 11:30pm he found me slumbering away...and the mini snot factory upstairs in his bed crying his eyes out...poor little guy, I have no idea how long he had been crying, but aparently I wan't waking up for nothing. Scratch me off the Mother of the Year Award nominee list! (again)

Here's hoping this doesn't last long. We're going to run out of kleenex!

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Sarah said...

we are working on our own snot factory here at chez stoski. not fun, but oddly kind of cute.