Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm Back!

Phewf. Its been a long week, and I know I've been absent from blogland for a while, but I'm back, and I have a whole lot to say, so hang on to your hats! Thanks for missing me!

First off, as you may have gathered from the post down below, someone stole our mailbox. Yup, STOLE our MAILBOX!!! All I have to say to that is What. The. Fuck? The mailbox suffered a near fatal blow from the snowplow this week, as most country mailboxes do at some time in their lives, but it soldiered on, as did the mail lady, and it was still working as a functioning mailbox. And then today I came home from work and it was just gone. I'm quite certain it was there when I left this morning, and I'm quite certain it didn't get ploughed away, since it's been piss-pouring rain all day. Steve checked the ditch and surrounding environs, but the mailbox is gonzo. Who the hell wants a mailbox with OUR emergency # on it?? Who ever it is, they're going straight to mailbox hell!

I am remiss for not mentioning a few bloggy awards that have been passed along to me...whee, awards! This adorable one came from my dear friend, The Bean. She makes the most beautiful dolls ever, and you should go check them out! Go, go now! I am particularly in love with this one, and trying not only to figure out what MY soul whisperer looks like, but trying to figure out how I can con Bean into making her for me!

I also received 2 (count 'em, TWO!) of these little guys!
Once came from one of my new daily reads - Boondock Ramblings. The other came from the never dull, always hilarious Burgh Baby's Mom. There was also a few memes I got tagged for, and I suck, because I never followed them through. This is me, bowing my head in shame, and sucking. I'm supposed to pass these awards on, and I'm going to kind of do that, but in a different sort of way - I'd love to draw your attention to some very cool peeps I know, who also happen to be very good friends, that have some beautiful handmade goods that I think y'all should support!

First there's Kater, and her fantastic Baby Knits over at BabyMakes. Griffin is the proud owner of a BabyMakes vest and cap, looking all adorable in this photo right here. There's another BabyMakes item on the way too which I am very excited about (and totally understand if it has gotten waylaid by The Dress!!)

Then there is Shay, over at the Alphabet Shoppe, who makes wonderful custom paintings, Griffin has his very own set (and Shay happened to mention that there may be a little sale happening over at the Shoppe right now!) I'd love to have the whole alphabet some day. Bring it on, Lotto 649!

And last, but not at all least, is Gretel and her beautiful Gretel Slings. This is a somewhat selfish plug, because I happen to be one of Gretel's seamstresses...and if she gets busy, I get busy too! I have all sorts of fabric here, waiting to be sewn into slings, but I have trouble getting them done without deadlines!

And then there is me, and although I never formalized the Mei Tai sewing, there still here, and I'm happy to make them for anyone who wants one. Kater sent me this beautiful picture of her and Cameron in the one I made for them - I don't think I ever posted it here, it's up on my MotherRoots website, but I'm going to put it here too, because I think it's not only a stunning picture of Kate and Cam, but it makes my Mei Tai look pretty good too!
Next Topic: Wouldja take a look at this:
What you are seeing here my friends, is a large pile of perfectly folded, CLEAN laundry. There is clean laundry hanging from the line, there is clean laundry piled on the dryer, there is NO dirty laundry stacked up for days on the floor. Guess who showed up - THE LAUNDRY FAIRY!!! She exists, she really does, and her name is MY MOM!! I invited her up for the weekend, and she did ALL THE LAUNDRY while she was was truly not my intent when I invited her up, honest to goodness it wasn't. But to her I say "Thank you, thank you, thank you! Come back anytime!" (And to me, I say "stupid twit, should have known she'd tackle the laundry, should have taken the dirty pile in the bedroom closet downstairs too!") Seriously though, thanks Ma! You're a lifesaver!

I think that's all I have to say for tonight - all these linky-dos are hard work! I had a whole lot to say about Stuart McLean making me mad today, and houses where no one lives, but I think I'll save that for another day. Right now I'm going to finish my glass of wine, and crawl into bed with some guy that lives here, that I see much less of than I want to these days...and even when I do see him there seems to be another, smaller version of him that somehow always ends up sleeping in between us....

Sleep through the night my little one, for the love of god...Mama needs a rest!


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Is your Mom available for hire? I could use the laundry fairy over here for a few days. And how.

Congrats on the awards! They were most certainly well-deserved.

Anonymous said...

There is a great book called " teach your child to sleep" by Hamlyn. All of my friends are using it and loving it. I can be used for babies and children.

It has been written by the Millpond Childrens Sleep Clinic and has a 97% success rate.

The Insane Writer said...

I remember mailbox bashing back in my high school days. I guess teens have upgraded since then. Mailboxes of the world, look out!!!

Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am glad you enjoy my writing. I look forward to your next visit.

Jonny's Mommy said...

My mom was the Dishes Fairy the other day for my family. It was awesome!
As for the mailbox...I live in an area where mailboxes are always being bashed about and then police briefs are written up on it. Very entertaining. The crime is right up there with cow tipping and farm tractor vandalizing.


Gretel said...

You want deadlines? I'll give ya deadlines...can ya make a sling from the grey/blue linen I left you? I think the rings will be black, but have to double check with the 'client' as she hasn't seen a sample of the fabric. It'll be sent to a couple in BC who are reportedly 'broad shouldered' so we'll have to discuss the measurements before you dive in.

Deadline...ready for mailing March 1.

What say-ya? I have a bunch of orders and am a little overwhelmed. Thanks for the 'nod'...I hope you measure my esteem for your blog by my daily visits and frequent comments.

Jenn said...

Gretel - done - just let me know what you need!

Burgh Baby's Mom - Methinks the Laundry Fairy might travel for the right price. Although, I think I have found the solution to all my laundry woes, over at Confessions of a Coal Miners Grandaughter
- check these puppies out! I'd do laundry TEN TIMES A DAY if I had a set of these!

As for the mailbox, I just have no idea what to say. Stunned into silence. Oh well - we'll blame it on the snow plow and get the county to buy us a nice sparkly new one in the spring!