Monday, March 10, 2008

All dressed with no place to go.

Every once in a while I get up the gumption to drag our sorry butts out off the couch and into the snow, and off we head to Friday morning story time at the local library. We meet Cara and her two boys under two, we sometimes meet Lindsay and her newly toddling son, and this time Cara managed to coax Carrie, and her just turned two year old, and baby to be out into the snow as well. We are a slightly ragged, but very lovable group of moms, with some gosh darn good looking kids. We (mostly) have our shit together.

There was another group of Moms there, that I have never seen before, that looked as if they had come fresh from a luxurious afternoon at the salon. Except it was 10:30 am! I mean, shit together, hair blow dryed, makeup on, their perfect little bodies poured into their perfect little outfits, cute little kids (1 each, a boy and a girl.) Wow!

Ladies, I have three questions for you:

1. How does one manage to blow dry their hair (let alone take a shower long enough to even WASH their hair) put on makeup, and a co-ordinating outfit in time to get to Friday morning stories...with a TODDLER IN TOW?

2. WHY does one want to get so gosh darn doled up for Friday morning stories? At the small town library? I mean, I can see for a special occasion like Christmas or something, one may want to get gussied up like that..but for FRIDAY MORNING STORIES?? Dude, the only hot available single dude that has been hanging around here lately is the easter bunny who hid all the eggs at the story time easter party this week...and we never even SAW him - he just left us a note!!

And Lastly:

3. Seriously, how the hell can you walk in those skinny-heeled suede boots in all this FRICKING SNOW???

I wish I had myself together like that.

I don't wish to stop being blinded by the beauty and the smile of my child, who distracts me from getting dressed in the morning...and just about everything else I try to do, and I DON'T wish to feel a need, a desire, or any sort of obligation to ever wear boots that unpractical all this snow!!

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Jonny's Mommy said...

Yeah, come on! Heels in snow? Ugh! And as for the hair -- agreed. Who has time to do all that for a small town library story book hour.

At the same time -- knowing my luck and my line of work I'd run into someone I have to deal with in my job and they'd be thinking: "What the heck is with this chick? She looks like a bag lady."