Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hit Head Here

Dear Gretel,

I am flattered, and tickled that you miss me enough to resort to CALLING ME today, to inform me that you were jonesing for an update. Resorting to the archaic of you! I honestly thought that 2 blogs in one day, including a very touching 18 month old letter to my baby boy, filled with lots of (if I do say so myself) fabulous pictures of my adorable child, might hold me for a few days. Apparently I was mistaken!



Dear Everyone else,

I have spent this week looking for the "break" part of March break. Break? Where??? Someone said I could maybe have a break??

Oh wait, riiiiight....I work at a recreational facility, a place where people go when THEY get a break....which means I get to work! 9 days in a row. NOW I remember!

I vaguely recall taking the "week off" last week. Humph, it seems so long ago. I hardly even remember the spa! Humph....maybe I should go back during prep week, just to make sure I can remember it.

We've also been in the midst of another frenzy of company. There was a Sherri Hay, and there was a Julia Hale so far this week, and they'll be a Jonnie and a Jennifer before the week is out. That's good times, late nights, and oh yeah, 3 sets of towels, sheets, and pillowcases for the laundry! 3 more days of March "Break," 1 day of rain tomorrow, 1 toddler with a runny far, this math sucks. Oh but wait...there's the 4 bison steaks in the fridge, and the multiple bottles of red wine, and 2 adults without runny noses, and only SEVEN more days till the first day of spring. Now this is math I can get on board with!


(And no, I do not make my kid wear a helmet to ride the plastic horse! He's obsessed with hats, and since bike helmets have the added bonus of protecting little heads from all the sharp pointy things we like to have hanging around here, they also dull the pain. Sweet!! Some kids wear diapers on their heads, mine prefers a helmet. Whatever!)

Apologies for the slightly non-sequential rambly post. I HAVE NOT been wearing a helmet this week, and have found myself, quite often, banging my head on hard surfaces. On purpose. Anywho......yeah.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

A helmet? What a novel idea! Oh wait, it's my kid that walks around with diapers on her head all.the.time. Darn.

Seriously, her bike helmet is in the living room. She walks past it to get to the diapers. Let's trade kids, OK? Yours seems more sane.

Gretel said...

Now I feel better - thanks Jenn. Just don't make me wait FOUR DAYS ever again, OK? I mean you weren't even THERE to answer the PHONE! Sheesh.

Jonny's mommy said...

My kid puts his dad's underwear on his head. Is that more weird that a diaper or a bike helmet? PRobably not but it still seems odd to me.