Sunday, March 16, 2008

Home for a rest

Well, am I glad THAT's over!

9 days of work in a row, 10 hour days give or take. Part of my job is being the "front line" when accidents happen on the hill, or wherever. Yesterday I got to call 911 twice. That's two times too many! The first one was particularly nasty, and involved someone very dear to a lot of people there, so it was a rough rough day. Luckily I came home to risotto simmering on the stove, bison steaks on the BBQ, 4 bottles of red wine and some great company. Delightful. But then there was the sick baby....

I'm so beat, I barely have the energy to tell you to click on this link to see how cool we are - a picture of me and the G is featured in a column that our friend David wrote for this month.

We just came from a baby shower, where I stuffed myself full of cupcakes and bon bons and I think the only appropriate thing to do with myself is to crawl into bed.


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