Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Muddy Season

My brain = dead.

This post = pictures only = not having to complete full sentences, but still providing loyal readers with required cuteness quotient.

Um...when did my baby turn into a little BOY?? All smiles in the sunshine:

Cute Blond goes feral:
Fun in puddles:
Mama get in on the mud action:
Splish splash...I'm gonna need a bath!:
What is it with little boys and rocks?:
My boys:

Me = bed. Bye.


Gretel said...

Also unable to string together a sentence these days...inspired by your photo entry...may have to do the same myself to save face! Nice mud suit, Mama!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos!

Looking forward to reading about the birth of the twins!

Hope for photos too eventually!

-- jonny's mommy

Kendra said...

What a kickin' set of photos! You rock and I miss you!