Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tired, Sick, Working Too Hard

Apologies for the silence around here, we're in the middle of the hell otherwise known as tech week. This one hasn't been too bad, but the 9am to midnight day (with one 1/2 hour dinner break...smell that overtime!) that we pulled on Tuesday kind of threw my body right out of whack. It's almost over, which means soon I'll be doing shows at night, and spending days with the boy, which I'm looking forward to. Plus, the show is going to be wicked cool, which makes all the long days worthwhile!

Griffin decided to get sick this week too, and him puking on the teenage babysitter rounded out Tuesday quite nicely. We started Wednesday with a fever of 103 degrees and a hacking cough, both luckily subsided quickly, and we seem to be on the mend.

That's all for now...I leave you with this gem from Steve, upon finding a present in his footwear this morning:

"You know you're a parent when you find a bus driver in your boot."


Sarah said...

You sure have had your fair share of puke in '08 lady! Hope that you are fully recovered soon.

Gretel said...

Oh I dunno - I think the MeyerOdells have the Roofers beat in the puke department, hands down! Not that it makes me any less sympathetic to your plight, however!