Sunday, April 06, 2008

Writing my Memoirs

Listening to CBC radio this morning, I heard a tale of an woman's father, who delights in his newfound writing passion. He decides to write an autobiography, but after being guided to the word count function on his computer, realizes he's written 78 words, and has already gotten to the part where he got fired from his job at 32 years old. His daughter jokingly suggests that maybe he should consider condensing his autobiography to few choice words and compose a haiku instead. It got me thinking: writing memoirs has always sounding like a dull and daunting task, but in the form of a haiku it might not be so bad. So, I'm working on it. In the mean time, what does your Autobiographical Hiaku sound like?


Kristen said...

I am wondering
how I managed to get here-
not that it's so bad

(I look up Haiku in wikipedia- yikes it very I picked the American modernist approach of 5-7-5 syllables and a break in thought after line 2.

Jenn said...

Oh yeah, I was totally thinking of the "English" version of haiku - 5-7-5 all the way!

Kendra said...

There's another version of this game; in which you summarize your life into a six word autobiography.

xine says said...

What about the old school limerick?
Remember our Reaper notes?

Regina said...

Choices Every Turn
Were they right or were they wrong
Can't go back to check

ooh -this is harder than it sounds!