Saturday, May 31, 2008

He Gets it From Me

One of the joys of being a parent is seeing a little bits of yourself come out in your child. Little things that they say and do, that you recognise as being part of your personality too, or something you taught them. Most often, we hope these are good things. As in "Little Timmy can burp the alphabet!! He gets that from me!" or "Little Suzie can swear in English AND Dutch...she gets that from ME!"

Once in a while these little things roll along that we pass on to our children, that maybe we wish we hadn't. Like "Little Joey has some serious gas issues. He must get that from...his dad."

Griffin looking so sad and forlorn in that picture I posted yesterday - turns out he has tonsillitis. Being predisposed to tonsillitis from an early age...I'm afraid that he gets that from me. I was constantly plagued by tonsil issues when I was a kid, and I hope he's not in for the same.

(As an aside - I took him to Emerg yesterday, because of course you can't get anywhere near the doctors office on such short notice. Our last 2 emerg experiences have been nothing but pleasant. It seems the next wave of ER doctors around here are all young men, with nice big fat wedding bands on their fingers, and likely young fathers themselves. They seem to be genuinely concerned with whats wrong with you little one, unlike the middle aged overweight nurses that tend to man the triage desk, who are NOTHING but cranky and bitter.

Yesterday's was especially a treat, when I told her that I hadn't given the kid any medicine for his fever that day, because I thought it was important that the fever be given a chance to DO IT'S JOB - as in FIGHT the infection (that's what fevers are FOR.) She stopped writing, looked me up and down, head to toe, rolled her eyes and said "Well! SOME of us would disagree with that!!" Later she walked by the room we were sitting in and gave me the "You're Such A Bad Mother Stinkeye." I ALMOST stuck my tongue out at her. In retrospect, I totally should have.)

And now, a few pictures from BEFORE the sick took over my cutie patootie, from our day at the beach the other day. We had a great day hanging out with Kendra and Adara, swinging and playing on the beach. My kid is pretty darn adorable. (He gets THAT from me!)
Baby Adara...she's pretty darn cute too!!


Donna said...

You totally should have stuck your tongue out at her! I don't give my kids anything for their fever either - unless it's really high- for the same reasons.
It's amazing the types of people that maanage to get through nursing school.
Some people aren't equipped with common sense.

Sarah said...

I am so afraid that Dylan is going to have the same trouble. The ENT doc already told us that he has very large tonsils and will probably be back in his office in the future. sigh.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Jonathan has had such an awful history with ear infections. The people at the local ER hate us because we've gone there several times and everytime we have they have misdiagnosed him.

I hope Griffin feels better soon. Poor little guy reminds me of Jon G when he has an ear infection, which luckily he hasn't in a while.