Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Home is where the Tylenol is.

So, we made it home. Here we are, home to one husband, one very happy to see us dog, and 2 dead hanging baskets that I paid sixteen bucks (each!) for just before I left and asked my husband to take care of. Happy to be here, despite the dead hanging baskets!

Yesterday I went on an adventure to McNabs Island. We thought it may be stroller friendly, but it was NO WHERE NEAR. After carrying my 30 plus pound sleeping (ie: DEAD WEIGHT)kid on my back for the last 2 hours of the trek, my back feels like someone has taken a hammer and a very long rusty railroad spike to it. So far, Tylenol and 2 vodka sodas have done little to numb the pain. A bath, more booze, and more medicine are in short order, and then bed. I have a ton of pictures to share, a ton of adventures to tell of.


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gretel said...

Ouch. Next time lay sleeping dead weight under a bush, cover with some leaves and RELAX.

Speedy healing thoughts...I feel your frustration about the hanging baskets...however we must continue to love them, we must continue to love them, we must...(the spouses, that is - not the plants. The plants are dead. They're not coming back!) ...must continue to love...must continue to love...must...