Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happiness is: Day 21 (Part II)

If you ever played with Lego when you were a kid (or, um, still do) then this little video of the Lego Secret Vault will make you wet your pants (in an "ohmygodImsoexcited" kind of way!)

If you never played with Lego, this may be about as exciting as watching grass grow. No "OHMYGAWD I remember THAT" coming from you tonight, as you get a little teary. (OK, maybe that was just the dude on the video.)

And if you never played with Lego - seriously?? Who ARE you??


Regina said...

Makes me want to go to the attic and pull out my stash - every castle set from 1985 - 1995... mmmm, Lego! Can't wait until my munchkin grows into those - although I am groovin' with the Duplo right now - they are so big it is "instant gratification" when you want to build something large.

erin (at) jewellerybyerin (dot) com said...

I loved LEGO. I want to go to LEGOland, but I think that right now a trip to Scandanavia is out of the question... just thought I'd share.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Yeah, I played with LEGOs, but I was more of a Lincoln Log kind of gal. Thanks for the cool video!