Monday, June 30, 2008

Happiness is: Day 24

Random happy from the last few days:

These days, Griffin is SO. MUCH. FUN! He's a total charmer, and it's a joy to see his personality develop. He loves to laugh, more than anything, and has developed what we call a "dirty old man" laugh. The words are spilling out of him one after another, being strung together in 2, 3, and 4 word sentences....and I've been trying very hard to curb the old potty mouth...yeah, I swear like a sailor. Sue me. (It was when I dropped something a few weeks ago and muttered an "oh shit" and Griffin turned around and said "Sit! Sit! OH SIT!" [which is toddler for "shit," in case you don't have a toddler, or a potty mouth, of your own] that I knew it was time to start watching my mouth.)
Of course, our fast approach to 2 also means that his less than fun moments have gone off the chart too. But it's so easy to forget about that kind of stuff, especially when he starts doing perfectly adorable things like sharing his eggs with his sheep at the breakfast table.
We happened to catch a wee parade of sorts while in Ottawa - just some dudes marching down the street with drums and pipes and sharp pointy swords...your regular Saturday morning in the nations capital! I don't know where they were headed, but I sure hope they made it there...they were playing follow the leader, and since this dude was the leader, and I'm pretty sure he couldn't see a fracking thing, I hope they made it ok. You think they'd give a guy with a sharp pointy thing a little bit more of a hat with a view!
Anywho, I'm glad we saw them, and this certainly made me giggle!

We had a great time at the wedding. It was a kid friendly wedding, and Griffin was the youngest of about 15 kids running around. It drizzled pretty much right up until the ceremony started, and 30 minutes of running around in the grass before the wedding yielded one soaking wet, yet surprisingly happy toddler! He had a GREAT time playing with the big kids, and even after catching a well kicked bouncy ball with his face, he got right back up and carried on. He went hard core till 10 or so, and then crashed like a sack of hammers once we got in the car to go. One trip later; out of the car, up to the room, wet clothes off, diaper change, dry pj's on, he was still comatose, and you can bet your biscotti that he slept through the night!Home sweet home yesterday, to grass that needs cutting, and a garden that's going APE SHIT! Anyone who has an undying urge to weed a veggie garden should head right the heck over here. It is SO satisfying, eating fresh produce out of the garden though!We're lucky enough to get a bonus day off tomorrow for Canada Day, so (as you can see) we're up late enjoying the evening. Even time for some porch sitting, and a "campfire" of sorts.Hope you're enjoying the day too, wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

That's the Changing of the Guard, those soldiers - everyday in Ottawa in the summer months. They march up Elgin to Parliament Hill, and then return to the Drill Hall to pack it up until the following morning.

Jenn said...

We figured that's exactly what it was - still, would be nice for dude in front to see where he's going!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Sounds like a wonderful time and I just miss those deep childhood sleeps after a day of romping. Sleeping so deeply and soundly you don't wake up during the application of PJs. Ahhhh, those were the days...