Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Outta here

Dudes, we’re outta here! Packed up and going camping for a few days. In typical me fashion, it’s scheduled to rain off and on for the next 4 days, which believe it or not, is a step up from the tornado warnings that usually accompany my camping trips. Awesome. Also, Griffin has developed a nice hearty cough over the last day or two and didn’t sleep fer shit last night. I’m sure chucking him in a sleeping bag in a tent will make it ALL better! Wish us luck!


Kater said...

Us too with the hearty cough! Cam developed it yesterday although I had a sneaky suspicion it was coming (runny eyes...some sneezes). Have a great time - as I found out a couple weeks ago, a little rain can't keep the super fun away!!

Shannon said...

Hope it's going well - we had lots of rain here in Ottawa, so I hope wherever you camped, you missed it. Wet stuff = no fun!