Wednesday, July 09, 2008

She's got THE LOOK

I've been working on my look. No, not my physical look and style (although that could use a bit of an overhaul too,) I'm talking about THE look. The mom look - the look that you can flash at your kid and it causes them to PUT. THAT. DOWN. and walk over to a chair, sit down and bow their heads in shame, without you EVER muttering a word. A proper LOOK can freeze kids in their tracks. Hell, it could stop a freight train in it's tracks. Freeze bathwater. And so get the picture.

Problem: I suck at the look.

Problem part 2: Griffin is a little devil.

Let me explain the devil: whenever we try to discipline this kid, he laughs. And not a "ha ha, f*ck you, Ma" laugh, oh no. He gives us a genuine, deep from the belly laugh, like what we just said is ACTUALLY the funniest thing he's ever heard. And when I practice THE LOOK on him, his little face get serious for about 1 second. Then the corners of his mouth crack. .5 seconds later we see teeth in that cracking, now almost smiling mouth. Shortly after, the smile gets big enough to bust out Griffin's secret weapon - the left cheek dimple. And then we're all goners! He cracks up, I crack up, THE LOOK cracks up into tiny pieces scattered in a shambles all over the floor. Even if I manage to keep it together for a few seconds longer, and try to ramp up THE LOOK a bit, he starts laughing all the harder.

It's a mess. A royal, LOOK mess.

Anyone have a wicked, show stopping LOOK of their own, that's willing to give some lessons??


Jenny said...

Ok, I don't have a look. At least not one that works. I'm working on it. But my son (he just turns 2) does the same thing as Griffin. He busts a gut when I'm trying to discipline him. I get down on this level, look him in the eyes and really give it to him. And the little bugger laughs. I wonder if it's not just nervousness and him being uncomfortable with the whole "uh oh, Mommy's mad". Although in your case, I think Griffin's on to you now. He knows he can crack you up... and that's much more fun than getting in trouble! ;) Good luck with your look.

jayna said...

Here, the kid is too darn sensitive to have The Look. The husband tried it one day and the whole incident just ended in tears. She's got the whole guilt thing down pat.