Saturday, August 30, 2008

Guess what I got back??

Just in time for a boat riding, seagull chasing, grass rolling, duck feeding, car driving, horse riding, water playing day at Centre Island. (And now, you suffer through a camera deprived Mama's excessive photo sharing.)

(That's my son, giving me a "kiss," which is a sloppy, open mouthed bashing of his face to yours. Whatever. It's cute as hell!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by. You can find my new incarnation at

Kater said...

Cam kisses like that too! Soooo cute! And where did you get G's onesies? Cam is busting out of his and I can't find any 24 mos ones ANYWHERE!!!!!

PS: welcome home, Camera. We missed you.

Oma said...

...glad you're back together with camera. It was getting quite boring without photos. You'll have to tell Griffin to come and visit the ducks at Oma's house. There's another pond close by where there are many to be fed and Oma already has the bread crusts saved up.

Jonny's Mommy said...

These are awesome! Love the kissing one. I'm partial to it because today Jonathan gave me a kiss without me even asking!