Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Montreal Random.

Salut from Montreal!

-People in Montreal are in No. Rush. To. Do. Anything. Except drive. Then they're in a SUPER HURRY...and watch out if you're in their way!

- If one walked into a hotel bathroom and found, pleasantly atop an array of rolled washcloths, two little bottles: one with a clear liquid labeled "clean" and one with a milky white liquid labeled "soothe," would one not think "hmm, how lovely, shampoo and conditioner!"? Well, one would be wrong. Too bad one did not discover one's error until they had smeared the soothing LOTION all over one's hair.

-Being holed up in a hotel room with only a television for entertainment and no toddler for distraction is not as fun as it sounds if 75% of your favourite shows on said tv are being dubbed into french.

- $158.95? For this little shithole of a room??? Robbery, I tell you, robbery!


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Ew, yeah. Doesn't sound like fun. Sorry, hon.

Lara said...

yikes. did the city itself make it worth it?