Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Happy Birthday

This time, MINE!

That's right, Mama turned a big old 3-3 on Monday. Boy, does working full time sure get in the way of birthdays (and blogging about them!)

I had a work-ful day on Monday, and came home to hang out with Griffin for a few hours. I fed him some KD (I was holding out for the chef to come home and cook me steak!) and we headed outside, dog in tow, for a "bike ride."

Holy hell, when did it turn into FALL? I froze my patootie off, while Griffin didn't seem to give a rats arse about his freezing cold fingers. Hey, who has time to think about fingers when there's PUDDLES!!

I love it when I can catch the sun setting THROUGH the barn - the barn next door is in need of some major repair, but it sure makes for a cool pictures!

It's fun to see Griffin hang out with Dudley more and more. The three of us had a hoot of a time, chasing each other round and round and round the big tree. I'm not sure who was the most tired out at the end of it may well have been me!

Steve came home a short while later, brought me flowers, cooked me shrimp and steak, and we all went to bed nice and early. Kind of the perfect way to spend a birthday!

While I'm here, I must must MUST mention another momentous occasion that happened this weekend. As you know, Griffin spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. He spent a busy day Friday, and went to bed Friday night without a fuss. In the middle of the night, Grandma woke up realizing that she hadn't given G. his precious "soose" at bedtime (Soose, rhymes with goose, short for soother.) When he slept through the night, smart Grandma decided just to not mention it to him in the morning.

Well, now, 5 days later, we are SOOSE FREE!! Cold turkey, just like that. He's only mentioned it once, when I was scrolling through some photos on Facebook and came across this birthday shot:

That's the clippy there on the left. He kind of patted his chest, like he was missing something, said "soose..." and I promptly replied "Cowboy Toys!!" Quick, distract him with a movie!! (Cowboy Toys is Griffin's name for Toy Story 2...his current Pixar obsession.) It hasn't been mentioned since! I was fully prepared to send the kid to university with his dirty dingy soose clipped to his shirt, but it seems Grandma has nipped that monster in the bud. Thanks Grandma!

So, we've finished our birthday bonanza for the month. Work is slowing for me, and hopping quickly onto the crazy train for Steve. Griffin continues to astound us with full on sentences and comprehension that seems to grow with leaps and bounds every day. Not to mention his stunning good looks, which also seem to grow every day! Is it just me, or is my kid completely adorable??

Lastly, I leave you with this: a self portrait of a 33 year old me, on my birthday. Happy September!


Regina said...

happy birthday! great photos, as always - love the sun through the barn, and your kid is ever adorable!

Gretel said...

YOU are are utterly delicious and ONLY 33! Wha?

Happy birthday, friend. I love you lots and lots and lots! Since my husband will never cook me steak for my birthday, maybe we can go out for one on my birthday - my mouth waters at the thought!

Burning question...was there CAKE?

Yay on kickin' the soose habit!

sho said...

have a swell birthday!

You kid is really adorable. The dog - I cannot reall the breed - looks like something out of a stuff toy shop!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Happy belated birthday as it seemed to take me awhile to get to your site this week.

Gosh, you're right. That Griffin is adorable.

I love the sun through the barn too. What great shots!

Oh, and I'm 31, by the way, so you are not much older. Trying to decide if I can have another child before I'm 35. Hmmmm...we'll see.

How about you?

Kendra said...

Ok, so the kids adorable as always, but that's his shtick ya know! I must agree with Gretel, though, and say rockin' shot of you. Happy birthday and I've been missing you like crazy this week!