Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mama and the Boys hit the Bruce Trail

No time to chat about it, but as you can easily see below, Griffin, Dudley and I had an enchanting hike on the Bruce Trail today. The carpet of leaves was stunning! Our hike took 45 minutes one way, travelling at toddler pace - Griffin carried his stick, and very systematically hit EVERY SINGLE TREE that we walked by. Our hike back took 15 minutes - Griffin decided he was tired and wanted a snack, and he needed to be carried while he ate it...and that's when it was time to turn around and go home! Carrying a 35 pound toddler on your back, up and down through the rolling escarpment - now THAT'S a hike!!


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Absolutely beautiful, hon! Wish me and the kids had been there with you to partake of those glorious leaves!

A Free Man said...

Gorgeous. I really miss the northern Autumns - crisp, dry leaves and that chill in the air that is a sign of a brutal winter to come.

sheila said...

Beautiful pics! I enjoy your blog