Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So far, so good...but the night is young!

Toddler asleep, not a single tear shed.

Tonight, snuggles with Daddy. Tucked in and kissed goodnight by 8:30.

Around 9:15 I hear a mysterious noise and look upstairs to find Griffin on the landing, walking back and forth running his hand along the rungs of the railing over and over...just like last night. Must be soothing or something? I looked up and said "I thought you were sleeping! Can you go back to bed please bud?"

"OK" he said, toddled back into his room, closed the door behind him, and went to sleep.

Easy peasy! (She says all laissez-faire like, while subtly knocking on the wooden desk in front of her...)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And now, the bad news:

(This, sadly, is one of the most visited web pages in our winter repertoire.)

Aw heck, lets zoom in for a close up, shall we??

So there you have it folks. Winter is on it's way. Heck, I think it may even be HERE!! And wouldn't you know it, we just sent our tractor in today to get the blower put on and have ol' Red get all shiny and tuned up. No matter how on the ball we think we are, winter always seems to sneak up on us here.

Pray for our under-dressed souls, that are still in denial and haven't dug out the hats and mitts yet. I'll keep you posted....that is, provided no snow laden limbs affect our power lines!



Kristen said...

I had to run out tonight with the little one and as we got out of the car to go into Target we were pelted with snow. Winter has hit Cleveland. I'm excited though, I love to snowboard and since I didn't get to last season due to pregnancy, I'm excited for it this season.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Snow was hitting my windshield on the way in to work. Oh this can't be happening already! So not prepared!

Good going with the night time stuff. Hope it continues to work out. Jonathan did pretty good too last night.

sheila said...

Hey, wasn't there some saying once about 'easy peasy lemon squeezy'? Why am I remembering this? Odd.
Anyhow, glad to see that worked out for you last night! How cool!

It's gonna be a lonnnnng winter this year! We had an inch last night....but it's supposed to be 60 on Halloween. Weird? No, it's like this in Cleveland all the time. Our motto is, "Don't like the weather here in Cleveland? Wait 5 minutes"

Burgh Baby said...

Damn snow. I freakin' hate that we have some of it in October. NOT RIGHT.

I love that he just whisked himself back to bed when you told him to. That was almost too easy!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Yeah. I think living as far north as you guys? You need to send the tractor in around July. :) Hope you get it back in time and hope Halloween isn't completely screwed.