Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting Better

Having a sick toddler in the house, crying his poor little eyes out every time he tries to eat or drink, is tough on the heart strings. Like any decent parent, I have basically been giving Griffin anything and everything he wants for the past 4 days. Wanna watch Toy Story, for the THIRD time today? SURE!! Ice cream for breakfast? Lunch? AND Dinner? Whatever!

Griffin's most recent obsession is the bath tub...he's suddenly become bath-obsessed, and due to his mother's lack of willpower undying love, he has been having 2 baths a day - a morning bath and an evening bath....he begs for a bath AT LEAST twice a day. He's a happy camper for at least 45 minutes, or until the bathwater turns to ice cubes, whichever comes first. Heck, he's happy, I'm happy. What's a few hundred gallons of water at the end of the day?

In other news, while the toddler seems to be on the mend, despite everything that I've read on the internet that says adults don't get this nasty virus, Steve seems to have got this nasty virus. He's currently sitting in the bathtub eating ice cream and watching Toy Story.

(OK, not really, but he was in the bathtub!)


sheila said...

Glad he's feeling better. And I bet he's squeeky clean! lol. Ahh, in a couple years you won't be able to get him to take a bath at all, so enjoy it!

Sorry to hear your hubby's not feeling well. Most of them are worse than the kids when they get sick! lol

Love your new pic in the header! Stay germ free!

Oliver Rain said...

I love your blog and I love the apron. Thank you so much. It is perfect and suits me to a tee!

I will take pictures of me in the apron as requested later in the week. For now, visit my blog for a pic on how my friend Dorothy, the mannequin looks.

Jonny's Mommy said...

When I don't feel good I love sitting in the tub and eating ice cream.

When Jonathan is sick he does this too. He loves the bath -- until he is really dirty and then he hates it. Go figure.

I hope your Griffin feels better soon. And Steve too.

By the way, I loved that photo of Steve you had up a week or so ago.