Thursday, November 06, 2008

T minus 11 years

Can I tell you what pisses me off?

(Sure you can Jenn, it's your blog, you can tell us whatever you want!)

I hate it when little punk assed teenagers cut me off in their punk assed cars, and don't even blink an eye. The incident that got me all a flutter today was a blatant case of "I don't care if it's your turn to go at this 3 way stop, I'm just going to follow this guy in front of me right through with out even stopping, because I'm OBVIOUSLY more important that you."

I wish I could somehow stop them - pull over my car, go up to their window, smack them upside the head and give them an earful about their cocky, jerk-assed driving habits. And then smack them again, just for good measure. And then I want them to tell me where they live, so I can go to their house and tell their parents what rude, and frankly dangerous drivers their little punk-assed kids are. I'm guessing though that if I did get to their house, I'd likely find a punk assed rude parent on the other side of the door.

At least, maybe I'm just hoping thats what I find...I mean, how else do you explain away the punk kids?

I get a bit disheartened by teenagers these days - I'm pretty sure my kid will turn into one some day, and I don't want him to turn into the punk-assed version....and I see a lot of those around here. I have a feeling that the best way to get a jerk kid is to be a jerk parent, and I'm pretty sure that's NOT the road we're going down. Yet when I witness events like this which are, admittedly minor, but I think indicative of the likely behaviour in the rest of these kid's lives, it immediately makes me turn into an "old person," and think "what's this world coming to?"

Then again, looking at what just happened south of the border this week makes me think that maybe there is hope. Some young people obviously do care about the future, and not just the future of their own personal bubble, but the future of their families, their cities and their country. I'm inspired by what has happened in the US this week, and only wish we could see that sort of inspiration in our national government (instead of the boobery* that's going on now.) It may make people (young people especially) stand up and take a look around, and realize that they are in fact NOT the centre of the universe.

In the mean time, I'll continue to shake in absolute terror every time I think of having a teenager living in my house 11 years from now!

*It's a word. Trust me.


oma said...

ya just have to remember that you 'grow with the flow' - and you do your best and you hope and pray for the best and... you have the best! +++++ie positive thinking!

Gretel said...

Rant a little? Hope you feel better, now!

Regina said...

what happened in the US this week felt good - and I felt good to be a part of it...

My Munchkin is T minus 10 now, and I look at the teens now and the toddlers around him - and I worry -

But I gotta take it one day at a time.

And if the time comes - if need be - we will take our two little guys and go find ourselves an island somewhere...

sheila said...

ahhhhh, you poor girl. I've got three teens. Two girls, one boy. Luckily I've raised them well and they have learned something (thank GOD)and have the ability to conduct themselves respectfully.

It's all in how they are raised, you are right. Behind the punk assed kid is a punk assed parent. That simple.

For all the trouble I got into as a young kid I am familiar with any 'excuse' they could possibly come up with. Luckily they don't try many and are for the most part great kids.

I really don't think there's much you can say or do because they are just ignorant. And unfortunately it's too late for them to realize it until they have their own kids.