Sunday, December 28, 2008

We now break from our Christmas programming...

To share with you the little hissy-fit that Mother Nature is currently in the middle of.

Remember this thing:It's the play-thingy that I got for Griffin this spring for a song and a dance. Although it wasn't the most popular toy in the yard this summer, we sure do love it, and would like to keep it around for a while.

This is the view off our side porch (wave to Lawnmower Dave, that's his house!) Big red arrow? Where play thingy sits.When we woke up this morning? Play-thingy? Here:Yes, 1/2 way across the bloody field! This is no small play-thingy, as far as play-thingies go, but in all my windy days here on the Roof, we have NEVER had wind quite like this. Fourtunatly (HA!) it wasn't ALL over there. There were parts of it littered about - here, here, here, and here:Big slide and small slide? On the right, mostly still in our back yard. Blue tube thing? On the left, 1/3 of the way across the field. And by the time I got my boots and snowpants on to go retrieve it all, less that 5 minutes after Steve screamed that first "HOLY SHIT!!"? Well, by that time the body of the thingy had crossed the intersection, and landed in the field across the road, here:
Sweet mother of Mary, it's windy here! Thank JEBUS that back door Doug just happened to be driving by when I got to the intersection, and helped us toss the thingy into the back of his truck and bring it back home, where it's safely sheltered in the greenhouse.

Now....knocking on wood that the fricking greenhouse stays put!!


Jonny's Mommy said...

Holy crap! That is some wind! We were supposed to get it bad here, but I guess you guys got it all!

Kater said...

Methinks you need to change your blog name now. Maybe Wind on the Roof? Or Life in the Wind? or Where is The Thingy Now?

Ms. Julia Hale said...

Very impressive!