Sunday, January 25, 2009

Downhill Adventures

So picture this - you're outside, a sunny but c-c-c-cold day. You're carrying a 40 pound sack of...oh, I don't know, something VERY expensive, priceless you could say, between your legs. Let us, for story sake, say you're hanging onto a large and obviously priceless Faberge Egg. (A wiggly one.)

You're trying desperately to hold onto this precious cargo, while it wiggles between your heavily gloved hands, which lessens your grip with every wiggle. You're trying to teach an important lesson to the egg, whilst holding at an awkward angle with one hand, and with your other hand you're holding onto a handle, a handle that is pulling you towards your destination in a not so graceful way.

You reach the first destination on your journey. You can see the next destination in your journey from here. You must travel the wiggly, priceless egg down to the bottom of a hill. There are a ton of people trying to get to this destination, many with priceless wiggly eggs of their own. Many of them travel quickly down the hill, without a care in the world about their precious cargo. Or yours for that matter.

Whilst you travel to your destination, you continue to talk to your egg, trying to impart on it the importance of this journey. You take it slow, ask the egg to observe your movements, all while it wiggles and you try not to let go.

You reach your first destination at the bottom of the hill. Your back screams from the awkward position you have been traveling in, in order to protect your cargo. You spy your next destination (which looks remarkably familiar) and repeat the agonizing travel process, all while keeping your primary goals in mind - the safety of the egg.

Plus, it is also important that the egg is enjoying the journey.

"Are you having fun, little egg?"


We take that as a yes.

You reach the all too familiar destination. Again, you repeat the slow journey down, reminding the egg of the lessons it learned on it's last journey. The egg has no time for lessons. It's only response is "GO FASTER!"

(Did I mention that you and the egg have long, slippery boards attached to your feet? No? Well, ya do, just to make it more fun.)

After about 3 hours of this fun, yet agonizing journey, you've decided you've had enough for the day. You are pleased with your journey. The egg is safe. The egg had fun. Nothing is broken, everyone is happy...a successful day!

(Your egg almost ruins everything by FINALLY escaping from your clutches in the parking lot, and running between a row of parked cars and into the roadway before egg-Daddy has a chance to grab his little nearly-scrambled self.)

Sadly, your lame self didn't get any pictures of the journey of the egg. But you did get a picture of the super-conk that happened on the return to your egg-home. And the 3 hour egg nap that followed:
The journey of your priceless egg is all worthwhile. The numbing back pain, the cold, the anxiety, it's all worth it when it results in a 3 hour nap!


Kater said...

Ah the super-conk! Nothing like fresh air and exercise to cook an egg in style!

Lara said...

You're snowboarding with an egg?! I'm impressed!

Jonny's Mommy said...

What a beautiful little egg! So sweet . This was an awesome way to describe sledding. I haven't yet had the chance to really go sledding with my son as my dad was too worried about him getting cold. *sigh* What a party-pooper!

Nicki said...

What a fun day! No wonder the little dude is fast asleep! (I'm surprised you're NOT!)

Carol @SheLives said...

Awww...Sweet little egg-guy!

And Mama got a nap, too?

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Wow. Skiing wears out little eggs that much? I'm moving to Vail... Glad you had such a great time!