Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The recent illness that took over my son's body resulted in a fine few days of snotty, boogery goodness. A few days that have lingered on. And on.

Griffin, in true little boy style, has taken to harvesting all that he can from his new "crop."

"Here Mommy, is booger-nose!" he proudly proclaims, as he walks towards me with an outstretched finger, with his latest kill on the end.

"Um...thanks?" I say, as I hold out a kleenex for him. He wipes his finger on the kleenex. I don't even have to tell him anymore.

"Yer welcome Mommy!"

And off he goes.

Ah, boys!


Burgh Baby said...

Ten bucks says he tries to eat one just to see what you'll do. Heh.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, yeah. I hate looking at their noses and seeing crusty boogers curling around the edges. I just can't help myself. I go after that stuff with a Kleenex and a finger. Ish.