Sunday, March 22, 2009

Smell ya later, March "Break"

Thank goodness THAT'S over!

I sit here, green with envy at those of you who are coming to the end of a week off. I, however, am at the end of 16 days WITHOUT a day off.

Oh, wait. It's not the end. One more week to go, and THEN I get a day off!

I've been working at the Royal Ontario Museum for the week, our company has been doing shows as part of their March Break programming. It's meant driving into the smelly city every stinking day for the past 12 days.

Do you know those people who commute into downtown Toronto EVERY DAY? (Or for that matter, downtown anywhere.) The ones that spend 2 to 3 hours making a 45 minute journey, travelling at 40 kilometers an hour down a 100 km/hr highway? They're CRAZY!!!! I'd poke my eyes out with a tightly rolled Tim Hortons cup before I did that! Seriously.

Um, yeah. OK. Hi! Sorry about that little rant there. Yikes!

(That'd be my inside road rage voice talking a little too loud!)

So, enough of that. Enough of me in fact. I'm going to go downstairs and spend some time with this hot guy who's been hanging out in my kitchen, and claims he's my husband. It seems like so long since I've seen this husband character, but hey, if he wants to stay and cook me more roasted broccoli, he's MORE than welcome.

(WHAT!! You've NEVER roasted your broccoli you say? Seriously, you'll never look at broccoli the same. Chop up some garlic, toss it and the broccoli in some olive oil, salt it and bake it at 400 for a bit. I swear, you'll have a whole brand new love affair with that little green veggie that we all love to hate!)

Adios amigos. Oh, and you too March Break. Don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out!


Leah said...

Roasted broccoli is seriously delicious. Thanks for the tip!

mare ad mare said...

I'm with you - commuting is CRAZY!!! Of course that might all change if I get a contract in downtown T.O or Ottawa... (I'll really hate it then!!!)