Monday, April 20, 2009

Mommy Getaway

We planned it for months...we never actually thought it would happen....someone would get sick, the world would end, something would surely keep us from our Mommy Getaway.

But nothing did.

And we went.

And it was AWESOME!

However, taking 1/2 a day off on Friday resulted in me running from the moment I set foot in the door at work today, to the moment I left, so I'm too damn tired to say any more. So pictures.

I'll show you them.

Our getaway involved the following

Baby cute you could eat him, but since Julia and Rafa fed us so well, we didn't have to.
The BEST room service french fries. Like, EV-AH!!! (Complete with mini ketchup and mayo. Nothing says lovin' like mini mayo....awesome!)
Hotels picked specifically for their indoor pools. And their hot tubs.
And their steam rooms.
Stopping mid afternoon (from endless hours of uninterrupted, glorious shopping!) for tea and scones in the most delightful tea shop ever!

Beers, glorious beers. And what you can't see in this picture - great views to the right. Cute bartenders to the left. Polished-off plates of calamari and shrimp. Oh yeah baby!
Coming home to smiley faces. (OK, they weren't so smiley when I got home. But they are now. Maybe because of the brand new Pirate Bear PJ's!)
All in all, awesome. We're doing it again we've decided, annually, in the spring.

Quebec City 2010, anyone??


mare ad mare said...

Good for you guys. I think its great to get away like that every once in awhile. My wife and oldest are heading to the big smoke for the oldest's 16th b-day - doin a little shopping, a little visiting.

The great thing about this, is it's a break for the other half too, at least I see it as that. Chance to go one on one with the other kids for the weekend. It's fun.

Kristen Fry said...

SOunds like a wonderful weekend. I want to hear more about the tea shop.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

That sounded like it was wonderful. Glad you had a great time!