Saturday, July 25, 2009

Later Skaters

We're off for a few days, officially on holidays. (Wahoo!)

Now cool people ask people to guest post for them, or prepare posts for while they're gone...

Me? Not cool.

There will be noting but radio silence while we're gone, but maybe you can entertain yourselves by answering this burning question:

What should we name the new car?

Yes, it needs a name. We usually name our cars by their license plates and the letters on this one are BHBA. Now, it screams "Bubba" to me, but I think our pretty bluemobile is entirely too sexy to be called Bubba.

So, my loyal friends, I leave this with you!

Miss me!


Laura Lee said...

Don't kid yourself, Bubba may be exactly it... I once knew one, he was a tall German man, extremely sexy...

mom said...

I like bubba. How about blue bubba - ie "ba-loo"

Sarah said...

Totally Bubba.