Sunday, August 02, 2009

Beehive 2009

This weekend was the annual family reunion, commonly known in our family as "Beehive Weekend." The "Beehive" was the name of my grandparents old cottage way back when, and about 10 years ago (or maybe 15?) the family decided to revive the annual August long weekend get together, despite the fact that "The Beehive" was no longer the family cottage.

There is generally tons of food, cases upon cases of beer (and tents for sleeping over which makes the beer go down all that much better) and general tomfoolery. This year was surprisingly one went in the pool fully clothed, and the last soldiers standing went to bed around 3am.
The family is a competitive one, and this year brought out the croquet set, some swim races, a volleyball game, and a cherry-pit spitting contest, of which I have a gazillion pictures, none of which are terribly flattering! (Imagine my camera catching you at that exact moment that you've puffed up your cheeks to their fullest to give your pit that fire power that it needs. Yeah....not attractive!) If you're dying though, you can see the whole set here.
My little fish was SO happy to be in the pool, and I trolled him up and down the length of the pool over and over again, while he kicked his feet and screamed "I'm doing it, I'm doing it!" in reference to the excitement he felt to be actually swimming! It was one of the cutest things ever.
(Please pardon my pool hair...this is hardly the most flattering picture ever of my new, and frankly quite sassy haircut!)

The weekend is a great chance to see everyone and catch up, like these two little monsters who I don't get to see nearly enough of - my niece and nephew (the twins, just in case you hadn't figured that out!)
Oma (my mom) gets the chance to play with all the babies,
And there is generally some deep philosophical conversations that take place. Not sure exactly what this one between Steve and Griffin was about, but it sure was cute!


Sarah said...

Dylan saw the picture of Steve and said "that's a Blue Jay". In other words - looks pretty cool.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful reunion. Awesome pictures, hon!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That last photo was so adorable!

Sounds like so much fun!