Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happiness: Getaway

Last night, Steve and I headed out of town for a brief but much needed mini holiday. We spent the night with friends in Stratford at their BEEEE-utiful house, ate too much wonderful food, stayed up way too late and then ate too much food again this was fantastic! We took the long way home, ambling our way through the country on the pretty roads, and stopping for a stroll in Elora. I've driven through Elora on a number of occasions, but have never had the opportunity to stop.

Peeps, Elora is fanfreakingtastic!!

Annnnnnd, you'll just have to trust me on this one, because Blogger is being a poo-poo head and doesn't want to upload my photos.

Whatevs, Blogger. You can't ruin my happy!!

(Can I, just for a moment though, tell you what can? What's new in my life that's making me MISERABLE?? An evil of pregnancy that no one tells you about? Dudes, hemorrhoids. Who invented these things....they SUCK!!!)

Sorry...I digressed!

Griffin arrived home just a few minutes after we did, and it was lovely to all be home together again. A night away does wonders for EVERYONE!!
Sunday Morning Edit - seems like Blogger has gotten over it's poo-pooness. Here's the pictures!

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