Sunday, November 01, 2009


Well, we made it through a night of trick or treating, including collecting candy and handing out candy at Kendra's house, without a single piece of candy passing the lips of our little munchkin! (Who, incase you don't know, turns into the spawn of Satan when he eats sugar!)

The deal? We offered to trade him his bag of loot for a "new show" - ie: a new DVD, of his favourite series Samurai Jack.

Our little ruse worked. I get the candy, the kid gets a show, everyone wins!

We spent a delightful night in the big city, with Julia and family and Kendra and her's been a while since we've managed to gather all of us in the same place at once! We headed out for a bit of Halloween festivities with the kids, Griffin hit about 7 houses and suddenly decided he was done, and turned around and headed for home. I think he actually enjoyed answering the door at Kendra's more, and handing out candy to all the kids, instead of collecting it himself (generous guy that he is!)

For all our efforts last night, we were rewarded with an EXCELLENT night's sleep, until 7am...which was sadly really 6am with that blasted time change!

Hope everyone else had a delightful time too!

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Laura Lee said...

heehee! cowboys must be the theme this year!! those pics are just darling! this is why parents go thru this each year... too cute. Good idea on the video exchange, mum!