Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sad state of affairs.


It's official.

I am officially uncomfortable. Like the majority of the time.

And holy hell am I exhausted!

I feel like I'm missing stuff here. Last time around I was all fresh and chipper, had a weekly countdown to baby for the last 10 weeks. We're nearly at 7 weeks now, not a single countdown post in sight. These days, I'm lucky if I can get my pants on in the morning.

Saturday was the 4th anniversary of my Dad's passing. I traditionally do a remembrance post, complete with photographs and all. However, that requires figuring out the new scanner, which is all the way downstairs, and I can hardly bear the thought of that much brainpower combined with that many stairs. I miss you were in my thoughts all day.

Today is also Remembrance Day. I can't even muster up the brain strength to write something touching and remembery. I can't even come up with a word better than "remembery," which I'm quite sure isn't even a word.


In baby news, baby had a growth spurt these past 2 weeks (tell me about it) and is riding LOOOOOOOW. Like head way down in the pelvis low. Like it's not a wonder I'm in pain and waddling around like a duck.

Considering baby's position, I'm glad we're mostly ready.

Home birthing supplies? Mostly check. Baby clothes? Mostly check. Diapers? Check. Car seat? In the spare bedroom, which is one step better than the basement. I'll take care of the food for the kid, and I think we're about ready. Really that's about it, right? (Please someone tell me that's about it!)

Oh, jury is still out on a name. We're starting to think "The Cheese" might be a good permanent name after all, or just T.C. for short.

5 more weeks of work (at 4 days a week...phewf.)

6 weeks till Christmas.

7 more weeks till baby? Seriously?

Please gawd, make it fly by!


Laura Lee said...

I love it!!! TC!!! by itself it's a very cute affectionate name. But you can never ever tell what it stands for... that would be awful. Thanks for the laugh... hope your time goes by soon too!

gretel said...

tick...tick...whizzzzz! Can't wait! I'm similarly caught up in it all...but not as uncomfortable! Sympathies...I remember well...