Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kill me now.

Migrane, day 2. Will be back when it goes away. Send love. And maybe chocolate. (Although I suspect it may be a culprit, which makes me want to cry more than the migrane. At least it's not Guiness.)


Kater said...

Sending you BIG LOVE, and mine is the pain-killing kind so you should be better soon! Hope you feel better! xoxoxox PS I've heard burying your nose in your newborn's neck while you guys sleep helps very much.

Laura Lee said...

oh honey!!!
you've probably tried everything, but something that helps mine sometimes is covering my mouth and nose with hand, blanket, etc just so the air i'm inhaling is warm. Even putting a hair dryer on warm in your face.
Soothing thoughts your way!!! =o/

Mom said...

Reading the above comments made me think of humidity - maybe you need more humidity in the house. Your Oma was having nose bleeds until she got a humidifier. Get well soon vibes and lots of love coming your way.