Friday, February 26, 2010

My Offspring

"Corben is here because someday, Griffin is going to need a lawyer."

This little gem was uttered by my husband the other day, and it's funny because it's likely true!

It's constantly amazing to me how two boys from the same parents can be so completely and utterly different.

Corben is a complex individual. And I wouldn't be surprised if "I am a complex individual" were his first words. I also wouldn't be surprised if he looked up at me and said those words sometime next week. Corben always has a look in his eyes that makes you think that he knows way more than you do. He looks at ceiling fans, but I don't think it's because they're black against white and visually stimulating - he's either trying to figure out how they work, or figuring out how to improve upon their design. Likely both. Corben is going to be the guy who figures out some fancy dancy machine to revolutionize the way we do things. Everything.

And Griffin? Griffin is going to be the kid who steals his brother's machine, and figures out how to use it to move the entire contents of the Principal's office onto the roof of the school.

And I will be the mother who gets called to the Principal's office one day, and will be equally proud of both my boys - the strong, smart, quiet one who reminds me of myself, and the crazy one who is "creative," daring, and reminds me daily of his father, and why I fell in love with him.


Ginger said...

You know, it is amazing how different they can be. It is hard to not fall into the "twin" trap for me. Lots of people say to me "they look so different!" Well, duh, they are fraternal twins and all. But they are complete opposites in nature. They are no different from any other pair of brothers born a different times. But it is so very easy to still be so surprised by their differences. I am still trying to figure them out but it is such a fun time doing it!

Laura Lee said...

that comment... i laught out loud! love those pics, too... hot damn (she claps her hands, rubbing them together) this is going to be fun to watch! ;p isn't life so interesting?!