Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Top Ten Baby Names

Last week I saw someone (Sarah @ Ordinary Days) participate in Top Ten Tuesday, by sharing their list of names that didn't quite make it to the birth certificate. How fun, I thought, and here we are, Tuesday again, so I thought I'd do the same.

Here's our list (in no particular order) of names that were on our short list:

1. Travis
2. Ronin
3. Elliot
4. Spencer
5. Jett
6. Charlie
7. Maxwell
8. Lincoln
9. Quentin
10. Felix

Feel free to steal any or all of them, since we'z be done having babies!

And just in case you're curious, had Cheeseball been a girl, her name would have been Piper. Piper Josephine to be exact (I'm not sure Steve and I ever talked about middle names, but that's the one I decided on!) Wanna hear something totally wonderful though? The runner up on our girls name list was Annika. My dear friend Alexis, who shared this pregnancy with me, had a baby on the 11th of January, just 2 days after Corben was born. Her name? Annika. And we never even TALKED about baby names!

It must be some sort of fate. Corben and Annika are going to get married. We decided.


Burgh Baby said...

I LOVE the name Piper. Actually, your whole list is pretty darn good. You are good at the name game.

Erin said...

My friend's daughter is named Piper. It's a cute name.

If I were to have another baby, I would want to name her Rachel.

Short-list names for my youngest: Sarah and Toby. Her name: Lucy.

mom said...

I actually like Corben the best