Thursday, March 18, 2010

Photo shoot

"What? You want to take my picture? Well sure! That's a great idea!" "Wait a second, you didn't say anything about this other dude being in the pictures. He's impossible to take a picture of, he never sits still!!"
"Pssst...Ma. This guy. Over here? A little crazy."
"Oh gawd, is this going to take long? Because it's almost nap time."
"Wait a second, wait a second, I have an idea....maybe you should tickle him!""Ready? I'll tickle him. You snap the photo.""I think it's working!""Are you getting this Mom? This is some photographic gold we got goin' on here!"
"Shit, that was exhausting...I think I feel a headache coming on..."


Catherine said...

Very cute and funny.

jayna said...

Oh! Those are precious! I remember getting so frustrated trying to get pictures of the girls together in those first few months.

oma said...

That, right there, will probably be the story of their lives. Ying and yang, the great brotherhood. Precious, for sure!

Lara said...

Definitely photographic GOLD

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That is hilarious. Loved it and I can not believe how much the boys look like each other! It's like a mini Griffin! Love it! That last priceless with the caption