Thursday, April 01, 2010


It's amazing how quickly a day can go from completly and utterly sucktastic to wickedly awesome.

Bang. It's that easy.

Today was rough. It was the first "hot" day of the year. Corben is funny - he's either FREEZING cold, or DRIPPING SWEAT. Today he was dripping more than freezing. His poor scalp is SO dry, and so flakey, and the heat didn't do him any favours today. The poor kid scratched his scalp so hard (an impressive feat in itself for a 12 week old kid whose brain doesn't quite speak in full sentences to his hands) that it bled. He's got a nasty patch of something between his eyebrows too and this kid was CRANK-tacular today. (Anyone have any dry skin tips? We've tried callendula, olive oil, almond oil, breast milk (not just for drinking!) and some other topical creams. Nothing made a dent. Help!)

So, cranky baby. And cranky Griffin. Just tired from a long day at school. Lot's of outside play. And because Corben was cranky, and thus I was cranky, and I was in the mood for not-a-one of his shenanigans.

However, daycare must have milked the whole "Easter Bunny" madness, because every time I gave Griffin shit for something he did tonight, he collapsed in a sobbing puddle on the floor, and cried "but I want the Easter Bunny to come!"

I confess, I used it to my advantage. Not that it actually GOT me anywhere.

But then, finally, at 8pm, Steve came home.

Griffin finally went to sleep.

Corben FINALLY went to sleep.

And Steve and I sat on the porch, for the first time this year. Had a few beers. Looked at the stars. Connected. Then came inside and sat chatting to each other while emailing each other cool links about the iPad (which, for the record, I WANT. Bandwagon? Colour me on it.) And other fun stuff. (Like this movie by the way. Go watch the trailer. Go now!)

Anyway, my point it, it was awesome. It took a cranky day and turned it on it's tail and made it beautiful. It took a disconnected day, and put me right back at the heart of this little world that I love and connected me to it in the ways that I love the most - through my husband, through my home and the place that we live, and then back to here, to my own cozy corner of the cyberspace.

There's all kinds of stuff floating in my head that I want to share. Especially to respond to Lara's post here and pass on a wee bloggy award...thanks Lara, you TOTALLY made my day! However, for now I must sleep. Tomorrow I must One of a Kind. Sunday I must visit London. Monday I must visit Barrie. It's going to be a busy few days, but we'll be back!

Happy Easter!

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Lara said...

I'm glad!! :)