Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh, hai!

Hello friends, old and new.

I know, I know, I invite you all over for a party, and then I dissapear for a week. Weaksauce, as we say on the Roof.

Weak. Sauce.

So what's my excuse? Well, I kinda don't have one. Except I've been busy. Doing what? Well, you know...breathing. And eating. And sleeping. And stuff.

(Oh, and visitors, we had some.)
Corben has been busy too, rockin' his new pink Bumbo. I know, he looks a little skeptical about it all, but that's kind of his standard look. Or he may be skeptical about the lame totally cute outfit that I dressed him in that morning.
See? Skeptical. He rocks it.
I finally got off my tush and planted some seedlings. They've done me the pleasure of starting to grow already, and I thank them for that. Griffin, ever the impatient soul, keeps asking me if we can eat the tomatoes yet. Um, no. Go to the grocery store if you want tomatoes, kid. (And get me some cheezits while you're there.)

This weekend is lining up to be an exciting one, with the big fashion show (and yes, I found an outfit on the cheap, and I may even take pictures, depending on my hair's mood) and the twins birthday party. My niece and nephew are two...can't believe it!

Stay tuned for all the fun news from the weekend, which are sure to include the Master of Cute (that's Corben) decked out in his fancies:I'm quite sure I'll hardly be able to handle it!

(P.S. I did my first running class last night and I didn't die. Go me!)

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Jennifer said...

Every time I run and don't die I feel that is an accomplishment.