Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Weekend

Started like this:
(Steaks the size of your head, from the side of beef who's just joined the family freezer.)

Had some of this:
(An afternoon with bestest girlfriends who held my baby while I drank wine.)

And some of this:
(Bestest girlfriend's husband who entertained my other baby while I drank wine.)

The next day, there was a little bit of this:
(Take-out dinner, al fresco, in the park behind the hotel in Port Dover, where my husband is working these days.)

And then there was some bad parenting:
(Here honey, you watch Jungle Book while Mommy and Daddy watch Lost.)

This morning we woke and headed here:
(Beach. Duh.)

There was a lot of this:
(Kid getting wet.)

This is what I looked at over morning coffee:
And then we headed home.

There was this:

(Pretend I took a picture of Griffin in the kiddie pool, where he spent the entire afternoon.)

And this:

(Pretend I took a picture of Corben screaming his head off, which is what he did for most of the afternoon. I hope it's teeth, because if Corben doesn't like the heat, we're in for a looong summer!)

And now there is this:

(Pretend I took a picture of the children all snug in their my bed. And a self portrait of me having a well deserved drink!)

Hope yours was equally awesome! (Minus the screaming baby.)

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Dana said...

Have you heard about this?

Heard some good results this morning about the necklaces. I know there were a few days when I was willing to try anything.