Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why I'm not writing about Lust

The 4th topic at Momalom's Five for Ten was lust. Was, because it was supposed to be up yesterday.

I struggled with this, because there were a few ways I could go with this. Take the easy way out and write about lusting after an object, like this little guy. But that felt like cheating. And lying, because I just don't lust for THINGS. We've worked very hard at separating our wants from our needs in our life, and since we're just not in a financial position to afford a lot of those wants, I just let them go. It's easier that way. Pining over something I can't have just doesn't seem useful to me.

Then there is, of course, the other version of lust. There was a conversation happening on Twitter yesterday, about why we feel it’s Ok to post all about our "sore, beaten motherly bodies," and our intensely personal birth stories, but talking about lust is "taboo."

There are a few reasons for me.

First off, while this blog is meant to be a place for me to vent, to write, to share, it's also meant to be a scrapbook of sorts for my children, and literally will be that one day when I finally get around to printing my Blurb book. Stories of my bedroom activities hardly make for appropriate coffee table reading, no matter how PG I may write them to be.

Secondly, I feel that what happens in a bedroom (or wherever it happens!) should stay there - it's a private experience, between two people. I may choose to discuss certain aspects of it with my girlfriends over tea, but I don't need to share it with the world. End of story.

I didn't want to ignore the topic completly, and to not address it was to do just that. Consider it addressed!

And now, onto today's post. Yes! Now that I can get on board with!

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Sarah said...

Jenn, I totally and completely respect your honesty and point of view.

I'm sorry I'm so late in getting here...was a weeeeeee bit behind on Five for Ten but almost caught up now, yay!