Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holy Crap I Talk A Lot

See that? When that number hits 1000, we're going to do something fun! Some kinda giveaway. Every comment between now and then (starting on any one of today's multitude of posts) will be entered for a super-awesome-I-have-no-idea-what-but-I-promise-it'll-be-good giveway!

(If you have some sort of wicked fun product that you sell and want to sponsor a giveaway, please do let me know!)


Ginger said...

Okay...so I totally want to win your soap! Even since you posted pictures of your soap I have wanted some! You should make some soap and give that away! (Unless making soap is really hard....but I think you said it wasn't as hard as you thought....)

Anyway...my two cents...

Jenn said...

Ginger, you're brilliant!

Mommycrat said...

Hi there,

I'm stopping by from Follow Me, I'm Canadian.

I always look for other mom blogs to follow and I'm glad I found you :)

All the best - Louise


Found you from FMIC. I am loving finding Canadian bloggers that I had no idea about before. Now following too. Happy Canada Day.