Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kids In The Hills

You may have noticed a little "Now Moonlighting at" button in the sidebar recently. (Or maybe not.) Either way, it's there, and I'm excited to say that it's officially begun!

Kids In The Hills
is an online offshoot of a local print magazine called In The Hills. In The Hills arrives quarterly, and it's always exciting when it arrives. It's full of beautiful photographs, wonderful writing, and really interesting people that live here in this area. Kids In The Hills is an online magazine written by parents, for parents in this area, and really for any area at all.

I'll have a regular column there called "Simple Matters." It'll chronicle some of the adventures that you may have already been privy to here, about out little life in the country.

My first blog is up, and you can read it here. Go check it out, leave a comment if you will (pretty pretty please!) and check out some of the other great writers on the site.

(And please refrain from making any comments about my hair....ugh, my hair! Nothing like scheduling a photo shoot the day after the worst haircut ever! It has since been fixed, and is looking considerably sassier, thankyouverymuch!)

Hope you enjoy!

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Bethany said...

YES! so excited that you are writing for Kids in the Hills!