Monday, June 28, 2010

What Would Grandma Do?

We are a cloth diapering family, but we're what I call "lazy cloth diaperers." I will most often put Corben in a disposable when we head out on the town, just because it's "easier." It's really not any easier, but somehow tossing a dirty diaper in the garbage and just getting rid of the mess rather than dragging it around town seems more convenient.

Knowing what I know though, that disposable diaper that I tossed to get rid of quickly today will be here on this planet for hundreds of years to come...that's not really OK.

Today I'm starting the process of packing up our stuff to go camping this weekend. A nice little 4 day camping trip, likely to be our only one this season sadly. We're off to spend 4 days hanging out outside, on the beach, on the trails, communing with nature. Somehow, it doesn't seem right that I'm also going to be creating a big bag of stinky disposable diapers while we're off on our little nature adventure, not to mention wrapping my baby up in all the plastic and crap that's actually IN a disposable diaper.

And so, I've decided. No disposable diapers on this camping trip. It's only four days, it's not like I'll have to wash them while we're away, just toss them in some sort of makeshift diaper pail and I can deal with them when I get home. We'll be outside, covers will dry fast if they need to. We have WAY more poo-splosions in disposables, so we'd be dealing with a LOT more laundry if the babe was in disposables all weekend.

My Oma and Opa (my Mom's parents) took their whole family of NINE children camping when they were young. I imagine more than one of them was in cloth diapers at the time, because there was no other option. If Oma did it, so can I.

I've been trying to think about these things a little more often. What would our grandparents have done? Last week I was tempted to go to Canadian Tire and buy one of those little beach shelter shade things for our trip, to keep Corben out of the sun. But then I thought about Oma...what might they have done to keep babies out of the sun on a similar trip, back when a quick jaunt to the nearest big box store wasn't an option? I realized that a few sticks found in the woods and a bedsheet would likely do the same darn thing. So I passed on the trip to Canadian Tire, and will instead pack an extra bedsheet.

Too often we do things just because they're easier, more convenient. It doesn't mean it's better. It's never cheaper. I saved myself 30 bucks, gas for an hour drive to town, and an hour of my time. So next time you're tempted to buy something for convenience, think about it - What Would Grandma Do?

I'll let you know how our camping adventure goes!

(P.S. Hello old RMC friends...if someone sends me some pictures of yesterday, I'd love to write about our adventure! Otherwise I may be forced to scan and post pictures of us with Grade 9 hair, and early 90's wardrobes!)


Terri-Ann said...

How many cloth diapers have you got/go through in a day? I tried cloth diapering with Caleb, but the kid pooped 8 times a day, and peed another 8 time a day, and that is just a lot of dirty cloth diapers around! When I looked into it, the packages were about 24 diapers, or supposedly enough for 3-4 days. That barely lasted me a day and a half!

(PS - thanks for the bit on the baby shelter...that was on my list also to purchase, but I've totally rethought that now!)

melissa said...

What would grandma do? Love that!

We've cloth diapered on trips, and just bring the dipes home to wash at the end. Not a big deal. We've yet to try camping, though... :)

Ms. Julia Hale said...

I once read a recommendation for flat folds (big squares of fabric) for camping trips because you can rinse them and hang them out to dry and in about 30 min they are dry. I took flat-folds when I went on vacation to South America and it worked great. They seem to take up less room as well. Probably not for this trip but it's a thought.

Marianne said...

Ummm get some pics from someone Jenn, I unfortunately didn't have a camera this weekend!