Monday, September 06, 2010

One last Kamp-out

Remember this past week, when it was so hot we were doing this:And hanging out after dinner with no clothes on:Well sometime between then and this weekend, someone turned the summer switch to "off" and the fall switch to "on." (Could have been that damned Earl.)

A month or so back, I had decided that I wanted on last kick at the camping can before summer was out. Being the intelligent woman that I am, however, I booked us a Cabin (Oh, sorry, a KABIN) at a KOA not too far from here instead of being all intrepid and heading into the bush. Lucky for us, too. Because it was EFFING cold this weekend, not to mention the rain, and the thunderstorms, and the wind.

However, didn't bother us none, we were all kozy and kuddled up in our kabin:We emerged on occasion for walks, wagon rides, and the occasional porch snooze.
AND, lets not forget, to celebrate a very important someone's FOURTH birthday!
I scoffed at the pizza place just outside the campground gates, that DELIVERED to your site when we arrived, but it came in handy when it was time to cook birthday dinner in the pouring rain. The birthday boy was thrilled with pizza for dinner, not to mention CUPCAKES! With DINOSAURS!!
It was a sweater on, sweater off, umbrella up, umbrella down, everybody inside, everybody get out kind of weekend, with the weather changing as fast as you could keep up. But it was pretty great none the less, especially with this little beauty arriving shortly after the big 0-4 birthday dinner:
We were smart and jumped in the pool as soon as we got there on Friday afternoon, which would prove to be our last chance at a swim, so I'm glad we did it. Corben also took the chance to projectile vomit all over himself and me, but as I found out, there's really no better place to be vomited on than in a pool. A little splishy splashy and everyone is clean again, or at least clean enough for camping! The chlorine kills anything that may be lingering, and we carry on with our day (feeling glad that we were the only ones in the pool at the time!)

The rain stopped long enough for us to finally manage a campfire on Sunday night, likely the last of the season for the kiddos.
While I'm not really big on the whole "feel" of the KOA parks (it feels like a bit of a competition to see who has the biggest trailer and the most obnoxious patio lanterns,) it's really great for the kids, and the cabin kabin really was the perfect solution for us this weekend.

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Oma said...

Great photos!!! a memorable birthday, I'm sure!