Thursday, September 23, 2010

Short and Sweet

I've been feeling very discombobulated lately. Pulled in 8 different directions, and not really accomplishing anything very well.

Yesterday I was in a bit of a funk - every 3 months or so, with the change of the seasons, we do up a big-ass calender and stick it on the wall. I like to see what's coming a few weeks in advance, and this really helps. Anywho, at the bottom of this calender? Is my go back to work date. Boo.

So I wallowed about it yesterday. Sat around and had a little pity party, ate popcorn for breakfast, drank too much coffee.

You know.

And then around 2pm, I slapped myself across the face (ok, not really) and told myself to snap out of it. I can spend the next three months feeling sad about going back to work, or I can get off my arse and make the most of it.

So I did. And made applesauce.

There is so much happening right now that I feel something's got to give. I feel so bad when I neglect this little spot of mine here on the web, but I've come up with a compromise.

I hereby declare the next 30 days (or however long it needs to be) Short and Sweet month. I want to post, I want to post quality stuff, and not just blather, but for now, it will be short and sweet. Quality, with frequency, just in brief.

Unlike what this post is turning into.

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Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

My issue is that I get bogged down with just BS and don't take the time to write. My writing has gone down hill (I can tell) and so has my readership (I can tell) and that give and take that enjoy so much with a blog is gone. I'm hoping to get my mojo back, too.