Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Dear Corben: 10 Months

Dear Corben,

Corben, Corben, Corben. What can I say? Today you are 10 months old, and holy shit do I love you!

You, my youngest son, are a big old pile of fun right now. I've had such a wonderful time these past few months, soaking you up, taking it all in, while quietly listening to the clock tick down to the end of my maternity leave. This time though, I can see it coming - I know the end of our year together is on it's way, and I want to take every last chance I can to snuggle with you in the big chair, to roll around on the floor with you, to read (aka I read, you eat) books with you, and to just BE with you.
This whole second child thing is crazy. With Griffin, we sat and watched with amazement and wonder, never quite knowing what he'd do next. He was (and still is) a fascinating little creature to us. As the oldest, he gets to "do it all first," for better and for worse. You are different. Having Griffin pave the path for you, and for us, I know what your potential is. I trust my instincts more. I trust you more, I give you more credit than maybe I gave Griffin when he was your age. I KNOW you're smarter than I think you are some days. I KNOW you're comprehending things that I'm saying to you. I KNOW that you're seeing the signs that I'm making to you, and when you throw your hands up in the air, it's NOT just coincidence, you're trying to say "all done" in sign language, just like I've been showing you how to. This trust of you, and of myself with you, has given me a closer connection with you then I ever thought possible. In turn, I think it's done wonders for my relationship with your big brother too, and for that I thank you.

Speaking of your brother, and speaking of love, holy schmoly does your big brother love the heck out of you. Sometimes his love may feel a little like mauling, but trust me when I say his intentions are genuine. Griffin just can't wait till you're old enough to run with him, ride dragons with him, watch movies with him...there's just so much that he's BURSTING to share with you, that it makes me smile from ear to ear. I think you guys are going to be awesome little buddies...provided of course that you love dinosaurs and dragons. (If you grow up to love cows and horses, the poor guy is going to be crushed!) This past month I've really seen you turn from baby to boy. You crawl with lightening speed, you stand, cruise the furniture, and boy do you ever like to climb. And child, you are into everything. Every little morsel of every little fiber of every piece of anything in this house has to be touched, tasted, pulled, chewed, shredded, whatever it is that you can possibly to it to make sure you've experienced it to it's fullest. This is cute and fun and harmless when it comes to things like kleenex and toys, and even the occasional crayon. It's less cute when you tear the shit out of my books. It's even less cute when you do things like pull Daddy's laptop off the kitchen table and smash the screen. Oh yes you did. Stick to the kleenex, wouldja?
We're working on improving your sleeping habits, although frankly I don't mind them at all. You nurse through the night, and enjoy falling asleep while nursing too. Truth be told, I enjoy it too. However, since it's going to be a little tough to nurse yourself to sleep for naps at daycare, I best do something about that.
I love you to bits and pieces, you little stinker. You are impishly cute. You have a smile that lights up the room. You are smart and charming. You're a snuggler, just like your Daddy and your brother before you. There's few places that you'd rather be than in your Mama's arms, and quite frankly, I like it just fine that way. I love you forever, and I can't wait to see what the next few months bring!

Love Mama


Marianne said...

Love it Jenn! You're the best writer EVER!

Lara said...

Lovely :)

Also, with regards to naps and nursing, my guys will let just about anyone rock them down without nursing, just not me.

Time sure does fly!