Sunday, December 05, 2010

Baby not so baby!

Holy schmoly, Corben is developing fast and furious these days.

Today he clearly signed "more" for the first time...he was playing with a drawer unit thingy that was waiting at the bottom of the stairs to go back up, and had been playing with it really quietly and well for nearly an hour. When Griffin got into the mix though it quickly became potential for trouble, so Steve picked it up to take it upstairs. He looked at Steve, looked at me, and then signed for more! He did it again later today when we were playing with a kleenex and making him giggle. We both laughed, as we've been using it always in the context of food, but he clearly understands the meaning of it! There are words coming out too, many of them mimicked from what we say, but he says Dada all the time (and in reference to Steve,) and today toddled up to Steve, stood straight up, and said "Boo!" It's something Griffin does all the time to him, to try and get a giggle out of him (and it works) but we were both amazed that he seemed to get the concept of it, and that he actually tried to "scare" Steve! He also signs "all done," is starting to wave, and is starting to clap.

I know, boring for y'all, but nice for me to note, so that when someone asks me 2 years from now when Corben started talking and signing, I can pull the answer out of thin air go back and scour the archives for an accurate answer!

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Kristen said...

Awesome! I owe you cash for the soaps....remind me in a few days.