Monday, December 20, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good

Oh, there is so much good!

-My present, that I eluded to the other day, is indeed a new camera. It's a Cannon Rebel t2i, and I'm in love, mostly because it takes gems like this one:
(Having an exceptionally cute subject does not hurt!)

We're still in the "getting to know you" phase, but I'm over the moon happy with it.

-Steve is off work for a whole week. A WHOLE week. This is good.

-Corben took his first steps on Friday! He'll still drop to the ground to crawl for most things, but he's getting more confident in his stance and's so much fun to watch!

-Christmas? Is going to be wickedly awesomely good this year!

-Steve and I are getting away, for 24 whole hours this week to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Can you even imagine the quiet? I hardly can right now.

-And tomorrow? We are going here. Be very jealous.

The Bad

-The pink eye. The pink eye is the bad. First Griffin, then Corben, then Steve all went down with it last week. Except Steve still has it...4 days later. I finally sent him to emerg this morning, when I decided that the Polysporin drops just weren't doing the trick any more. (They worked great on the kids, btw, but Big Daddy needs something a bit stronger!) He came home with meds for Pink eye, and for a double ear infection that he was unknowingly sporting. Awesome.

-Remember those fine motor skills I posted about the other day? Apparently they are even more fine than I thought. Last night, it was very quiet all of a sudden, too quiet, and I peeked around the corner from where I was sitting and found Corben in a puddle of boozer! He had opened the cabinet, taken out the bottle, and here's the amazing part - he TWISTED OFF THE CAP, and poured Grand Marnier all over himself and the floor...all without making a sound. Trouble. This kid is trouble!

The Ugly

I washed my iPhone. That is all.


Jackie H. said...

Hey, following from mommy moment. Your life sounds strangely familiar to my own... baby boy just started walking this week and is in to EVERYTHING!

Kater said...

Good: excellent purchase. Now give it to me.
Bad: Corben - man after my own heart. Throw him in a martini shaker with other ingredients and make me a baby cosmo.
Ugly: I can't even imagine...I mean, I've washed cheques, toys, soothers, money, but the IPhone? Maybe they'll make an app for pocket checking...