Friday, February 04, 2011


Corben. Loves. Books.

Corben also loves the SIGN for much, infact, that he refers to almost everything as "Book." This video makes him look ever so clever, but he'll sign book to refer to just about anything.

Dog? Book.

Toy? Book.

Drink? Book.

You get the picture.

This book, from Aunt JoAnn is his all time favourite. It's called Noisy Peekaboo, and it is true to it's title. However, since the little dude loves it so much, and since he's so damn cute when he signs for his book, he, and the noisy book, can stay!

(Raise your hand if you hate the sound of my voice in this video. *Raises Hand* GAH!)

(If anyone can tell me how to get the width of the video to fit in this here darn column, I'd be forever grateful!) Sue Edworthy, FTW!


Dana said...

Pretty darn sweet! I'd say that boys a smart one.

Kater said...

Super cute signer! Re: width, go into your edit page and in html code lower the number attributed to the width. You'll see something like this (portion): "" width="560" height="420" - just change the number to a smaller one for width.

Lara said...

Cute! I like books a lot too :)