Sunday, March 06, 2011

How can something this tiny...

...Be this perfect?

Corben is a beautiful child. People tell me so all the time (not that they need to, I know.) He often gets mistaken for a girl - his features are so fine and so soft I guess that people assume girl. Those eyes, those perfectly pink lips, he really is a gorgeous child.

What can I say, I make beautiful babies. (OK, Steve helped.)

Not only is he beautiful, but right now he is SO. MUCH. FUN. He's just at that age, a few days shy of 14 months where he's communicating well, he imitates the funniest things, and continues to have some of the best facial expressions I've ever seen.

Corbie, you're a keeper!

(P.S. I have a second child, who although not as tiny, is equally beautiful. Except when I bust out the camera, and he starts screaming "NNNNOOOOO!!! NO PICTURES!!!" Not so cute. So you'll just have to trust me when I say he's beautiful. And four. Beautifully four, and all that implies!) ;)

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